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Mark Hardcastle

Noelle, What a delight to find you in your "Far Away Hood!" So glad we got to work together recently, though we never actually got off the ground. Best to you and your mom with this incredible endeavor! Mark

Mary Richardson

Hello! My sister-in-law, Sue Lauterjung has turned me into a HUGE fan of your products. I loved your story, how you came up with the name. We have one of your plaques with the state of Texas on wood and a heart on the left connected by wire to a heart in the state of Texas one of mine sons and wife live there and we have one with "Est 11.10.12" for our wedding date. We would love to order another one with the state of Texas and the hearts on a sage green piece of wood. Would you like me to send you a picture or do you know which one I'm talking about? Also, didn't see any prices, probably because it depends on size,


My hubby & I met you today at Driving Ms. Daisy flea market. We really enjoyed the experience of customizing our own sign for our home! We had fun choosing letters & embellishments. Kelly & Noelle, you gave us great customer service and we are super happy with our sign!!! Thanks!


I love all your designs. I have a wedding venue and will be using your signs for that and my own personal collection.. I love it.


Met you ladies at Saddleback Flea Market on June 14th. My soon to be daughter-in-law fell in love with your "Just Married" signs. I told you all that you were "Kick ass". Would love to know where you will be next so I can get a sign made from my son and daughter-in-law.