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Like most parents, mine constantly read to me when I was little.  Most of my favorite books started with, “Once Upon a Time,” and included oldies but goodies like, “Three Billy Goats Gruff,” “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” and “Little Red Riding Hood.”  When I was old enough to tell my own stories, I got a little confused between “Once Upon a Time in a Far Away Land” and “Little Red Riding Hood,” meshed them together, and came up with:

“Once Upon a Time in a Far Away Hood.”

No matter how hard my parents tried to correct my mix up, my little brain couldn't get it right. 

“Far Away Hood” stuck and quickly became a cherished catchphrase for the Rideout Family.   


Far Away Hood is a custom sign making concept that accidentally began in late 2013.  My work offered a one-year leave of absence, which I accepted.  In order to supplement my income, I began selling home décor items, pre-made signs, and loose cast iron letters at the Long Beach Antique Market.  At the October sale, a couple requested a personalized sign to take home that day.  Since I didn’t have the wood necessary to make the sign, the couple left my booth and searched the Long Beach Antique Market until they found a perfect sized piece from another vendor.  They proudly returned to my space and asked, “Now can you make our sign?” 

That sale sparked the “We make custom signs while you wait” catchphrase and completely transformed my flea/vintage market experience.  Over the next two months, I began hoarding reclaimed wood pieces including, broken furniture; barn wood, old decking...I even disassembled ¼ acre sized picket fencing so I'd have enough wood to take to sales.

With wood boards, metal letters, a few tools and some screws on hand, customers were able to layout and personalize signs, then walk around the flea market while their orders were being assembled.

I quickly realized, in order to expand, I needed a business partner.  My mom, Kelly, the most creative person I know, was the only natural option in my mind.  After a bit of persuading, and a lot of begging, I finally got her onboard!  My mom's background in interior design immediately transformed the business into a bright, fun, unique experience for our customers to shop. 

She introduced beautiful paint colors to enhance the reclaimed wood and unique metal embellishments that allow customers to personalize their signs to their liking. 

We now carry several dozen different metal steel designs for customers to select from. 

In addition to handpicking from items on hand at markets, our customers may also special order signs by choosing fonts, colors, and embellishments that we don't carry.  This customization has made wedding planning, small business branding, and gift-giving easy and exciting for FAH customers.

Mom and I have established amazing relationships with our customers;  we consider many of them friends.  It’s the “job” neither of us could have dreamed of or wished for.  “Far Away Hood is constantly evolving.  We are always fine-tuning our craft by adding new metal pieces and and listening to customer feedback.  I can’t imagine another business I’d rather share with my mom than Far Away Hood.”  



The majority of the signs we make are inspired by sentimental stories.  We have assembled signs as lighthearted and silly as “Dumpin’ Ground” for a men’s bathroom door;  we cherish the tough choice one customer made to hang the last words her ailing brother was able to repeat in her home to remind her of his positive influence every-single-day. What is your Far Away Hood story?  How would you design YOUR sign? Contact us and let us help you.  


Thank you for shopping small, shopping local, and helping to support my mom and me!  

January 18, 2015 LB Flea
January 18, 2015 LB Flea








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